in 2001 I moved into Ted’s home. We both had so much so we rented a storage unit and moved most of it out. He went to Hawaii with his Family as they had planned some time back. While he was on vacation I and loved ones “O Katherine, Sheryl” and others we did some cleaning, painting and some new carpet. When Ted and I began replacing things, I have and always will treasure his Bart Simpson doll arms stretched wide with a Buddha in each on the window seal. That was the most he did in thoughts of nesting and he bought a recliner loveseat. He wanted me to make his home mine. When he was going to his good friend Janna’s table of everything with a box in hand. I listened to the tales of Janna. I took his things of her’s and built my first and still only shadow box kinda thing to fill with Janna and some others he had. I felt a closeness to Janna. I wear a red vest (from someone gave to Ted and it was too small) but I keep a jingle ball in an embroidered pouch, something of Janna’s I felt her essence in. I most often wore it to Family gatherings when strength might be helpful. Something you might not know, as I have heard of others stories told on this topic, people assumed.