I love to write it gives me so much comfort often. It allows all my emotions and sincerity. It gives me time to pause “maybe I ought not say that” or “How might I say that better”…so to be understood. Communication, what an adventure in its self. I also have been teaching myself more words. Sadly when I talk I am not always able to communicate as I can when I write. I have many old ways or habits I like to think I have left behind. I guess in writing I have seen these habits “pop” into my life when I rather they did not. But I have learned in retraining my thoughts/habits/ways that when they arise (don’t get hard on yourself as I, had to unlearn) just give them pleasant recognition. You could say ” I see/hear/you, thank you for your wanting to help. But I want to choose differently today” Say it out loud, however you can. I believe I have experienced a deeper release when spoken out loud.

I do believe writing your life can feel good. Some years ago i wrote of my life in detail up until I married then a outlined