Have you given thought to how powerful your words can be to someone else? How others can take your words to hear what they need.

Choice is such a huge word, to experience forgiveness instead of  hate. Gratitude in place of self suffering, Disappointment instead of anger. Self acceptance instead of fears. Trust instead of jealousy. Love instead of pain and so many more all in just a matter of your own choice.

Believe is a most powerful word as what you believe is what is real to you in all thoughts, amazing experience you will have as you learn this to be true.


In many emotional therapies one thing is common spelling out loud-hummm

Be kind when people have to tell you or express an opinion they have of you or something you say. Most often it is not about you it is about them, so let them keep their thoughts and words, just let it be said.


A fine example…







A link of words I enjoyed The lost words

9/17/20 Optimistic, Empathy On a short drive today I thought to myself “I am in my sixties, I am an optimistic person” with the empathy to feel your emotions when you tell your stories. Sheryl and Peggy by besties so loved me for that, I loved their love. Two simple yet powerful words optimistic n empathy.  I never really met or even cared to know of them, I was happy not to be labeled by a word-interesting what we can think. I want to say shocking but it could be mis interpreted a bit to strongly. It was definitely a very memorable moment when I realized back in the mid 80’s. That when I tell most people my tell that they can not grasp onto the emotions I felt or feeling as I speak. That all my life till this moment I speak of, I felt they were sharing my excitement that I was sharing it with them. It is not true. Many do not feel from you as you can from them-what a life viewing change that was!

Reflection Quote (the throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it.
“the reflection of light” ) or the one I find most interesting it when someone in their own head decides thoughts or interprets actions of another supporting their own need of thoughts. Often assuming while supporting their own fears.  Real to them but not really true to the moments.

Attunement is the reactiveness we have to another person. It is the process by which we form relationships. Dr. Dan Siegel says, “When we attune with others we allow our own internal state to shift, to come to resonate with the inner world of another.

Self-awareness a link to understand

www.psychologytoday.com › basics › assertiveness
Assertiveness is a social skill that relies heavily on effective communication while simultaneously respecting the thoughts and wishes of others. People who are assertive clearly and respectfully communicate their wants, needs, positions, and boundaries to others.

Synonyms offer us choices-https://www.lexico.com/synonym/good 

When I first read on this page above of the word commitment I found the words they used for “he” to sound much harsher then words chosen for “her” in the examples. Is it just me I wonder. Then I was saddened to see a word affirmation listed last on the page.  Affirmation is something I feel all beings want and our society lacks, I thought all these years. I would always want an affirmation over any commitment, funny the power of words.

Commitment is a word I have found its use in life could be felt uncomfortable do to individual life experiences. On the other hand affirmations in my life experiences I would have not associated it with the word commitment yet I see now how it is. I have made a personal choice to increase my use of affirmations in my life to share with others. By doing this the world could use more kindness by us offering more affirmations, I must guess that I find pronouncement, attestation, assurance are this page best examples that I see. I am surprised not to find recognition as this is how I have seen affirmation. your thoughts?

Recently I have found myself using the word ought in place of need-finding it feels less stressful if” I ought to get it done” as opposed to
“I need to get that done”. Definition of OUGHT (modal verb): saying what is right or sensible thing; when you have reasons for believing something.

A good one came today Rejection to be seen as Redirection. I have always thought rejection as, it was giving you the opportunity for better things to come.

I woke this morning with a new theory that the word “reply” is a cause in our society for so much anger. Never before has “reply” been used in many daily lives and there to not reply giving out the feelings of rejection to others causing so much anger. What do you think-a possibility right.

Someone says the other day that your body “fast” every day. I now think of my body starting the day after a night of fasting-honestly never thought of it that way before. It makes drinking water more attractive somehow.

I gave the words Perspective and perceiving to preception extra thought they are really powerful words. They are so influential. Huge choices, decisions, responsibility. To not assume or to recognize your personal experiences influence-WILD. Understand how others are using them.

2018 I focused on the word “intention” making sure of my intention before action, pretty interesting self-discovery.

From 1998 to now I have explored more into words than ever before. In 2000 I acquired my GED and in doing so I enjoyed the company of the best man ever my tutor and later much more. I think it was 2002 he gave to me my own lexicon a word that rolls out of my mouth with such excitement. He gave it to me for all those words I said incorrectly but he said they did not have to be wrong, but my own. I found some words to be so harsh to pronounce for something much more beautiful and he understood. He was amused and at times appreciated my uneducated views on many things. I love my Lexicon. A word in my lexicon Yous, defined as you with others. It is a lazy thing. I shy away from conforming to specific words once I realized most words come from someone not so different than myself.

Sometimes lack of words…Ellipsis;  “…” I use often Implying you have more to say. Definition; This is a very particular kind of trailing off, and possibly the most annoying of all. It often implies that what needs to be said is so obvious to the (knowledgeable) writer that it should be obvious to the reader, too. This can backfire badly – at worst, it can appear smug or condescending.=this is copied from a web article selling a  writing skills book. In Social Media. I find you often leave a brief reply or comment, for me these brief words often could lead to a sometimes long conversation. Least I feel I have more to say when I use them but don’t unless I were to be asked. So I am (according to those who choose the opinion) overusing and annoying. Why this choice I find sad. An example of someone bothered that another person is not doing as” they think they ought to”, opinions are so individual the ones that divide us I get an uncomfortable feeling about.

The word for today Compassion

2019 My math=words=interpitation=emotions=actions. Selfish When someone says, “You are being selfish,” there is no doubt that you have just been criticized. The message from your critic is clear: You are paying too much attention to your own wants, needs, and well-being, and not enough attention to others from Psychology Today. How did this happen? How did our Culture produce a society of such guilt? Grateful today that I recognize that “no” I am not selfish I am just making my own choice for me. From Psychology Today. I have both an optimistic and not-so-optimistic answer to that question. The optimistic answer is that critics of selfishness are talking only about bad selfishness, and when they urge us to “do for others” they really mean to do for others in ways that are beneficial and rewarding to them. Be the first to write your review of services rendered here in Sandpoint Blog. See website index

4/23/19 Words seem to be in my brain today. In the shower, I added to the word busy which I have practiced out of my use. Saying it is a word that includes in its description a void in your time, you’re not truly present when your busy or BUZY-my opinion.  I now use Productive or form of for me it feels very present in the moment of producing. Then I received a nice email in regards to a book review. This was my reply to them, I appreciate reading that you truly listened and actually heard my words. Heartwarming as I hear this from very few most add their interpretation influenced by their life experiences or even ancestry. You know how the ole story in the ear passed around a circle and hear what you get. Here is what the person emailing me heard me say about their book-you might want to read “The Dragon God” by Earl Thor, This was my comments about the book.”When I was a teenager and did bible study I latched onto the bible saying I could worship from my closet or something similar. I felt just as Bill Miner did: seeing so many inconsistencies with my lack of trust in man to not miss interpret or add their personal perceptions as they wrote or rewrote editions. This is when I decided religion-church was not for me. I have always wanted a conversation with someone like Bill Miner.”

The word BLOG I do not like saying this word, in relation to communication. Communication deserves a word that feels elegant when said, my opinion. I ask why blog?!?!  


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