In my years I have often been the one to talk about what others have always chosen not to. How can you blame anyone when they grew up with sayings of discouraging, shaming, and forbidding you? O those have been some enjoyable conversations for me. I am just getting real and pure honesty shared. “All cards on the table”, is a favorite saying of mine. I feel our fellow humans are an amazing source of knowledge by sharing our own experiences. I do love communication, reading, and writing. I had to share the link below. It is a good education tool. I had no idea a man’s prostate is as sensitive as a female clitoris for a man. Now I understand men with men better.

Basic information for you to know…35 Erogenous Zones & Exactly How To Stimulate Them

A UNBELIEVABLE TRUTH, Can you imagine being in your late Forties and just learning to pay attention to your physical self? Hormones and such. Learning that your body had sexual abilities you had never known. A Twenty-year marriage, 4 children and you never knew. Well, it can happen, and who knows how many share the same, unless we speak out. This lady shared her experience which might be your’s.