So if nothing else focus to drink water, relieves those body aches and so much more.  No Sugar or alcohol also takes body aches and negatives attitudes away for me. Replace sorrow with gratitude. Think of what you are grateful for and breathe deep into the emotions of your moment, embrace them, learn from them, speak them out-loud hold them tight and then let go. For habit change, I say “thought, thank you for wanting to help, you’re not for me,” then Breath and Stretch.  Perceive and  Speak with your loving heart. REPLY.

On another day; People have the right to be who they are, show respect for that, and let go of who you assume they are or who you want them to be. Sharing a note to self  “life is what you make it”. If you do not already, take responsibility for it is your choice to make it happen…  I wish for you a day of thoughtful choices, with kindness for yourself overflowing to those around you.  Have a belly laugh. Stretch.

Try replacing should with could and the word busy with been productive each time you speak today, see how it feels. Lower your expectations and hurt shall be less in your life, allowing time for more gratitude, less self-suffering, just sharing lessons I have experienced in my life, my opinions just as you have yours.  When you prefer something it is more forgiving then expecting, better words, better attitude, better life.

The “word” reply, what it has done to our society a personal theory, the power of words share your thought in the Sandpoint Blog. The power of silence as a whole of society, I am experiencing is a sad knowledge, speak out.  Another topic is just the years I have watched the “power of consumers” letting corporations kill or sicken our population for their financial gain