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The 35 Easiest Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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The death of a friend or loved one is something that everyone faces and no one is ever quite prepared for. We want to help first by making unique and thoughtful urns, and then by going out of our way to make sure that we help you find and personalize your urn and memorial experience. was built from the outset to do things differently. Things like selecting only sustainably sourced 
wood, porcelain, and stoneware materials, and purchasing renewable energy certificates for 100% of our power.

Let us make your project remarkable. We're Clark & Chapin, an architecture studio that draws on broad experience in design, 
construction, art, and building science to deliver excellent projects for our clients. We help people and organizations develop 
human-centered, technically sophisticated, sustainable designs that reflect their lives and aspirations, and we pride ourselves in 
the fun and lasting relationships we build along the way.

In 1989, architect Bruce Taylor, AIA, founded Summit Design in Park City, Utah. Since Summit Design has developed a reputation for 
creating unique architectural design solutions specific to the client and to the setting. Summit Design’s residential architecture 
ranges from luxury mountainside ski-in, ski-out designs to subsidized housing, small living communities and more just click on the 
underlined link above and see. Bring him to Sandpoint-Bruce Taylor enjoys his residence here. 

The Northwest Eco Building Guild is an association of builders,designers,homeowners,tradespeople, manufacturers, suppliers and 
others interested in ecologically sustainable building posted for local Bruce Millard


Scott Nelson-Watershed Pottery. Oregon ceramicist taking life one pot at a time. Living in the upper Willamette watershed, I find 
inspiration from old pioneer and Wabi-sabi ceramics.

In 1996, Austin Casson began creating larger works in different mediums including life-size sculptures of golfers, stone horses, and birds of prey while working in bronze, resin, stone, and concrete.

Looking for that special baby gift click here Simply Shontay Diaper Cakes, my grand Niece

Michael Ezzell Skilled Artisan of Ceramics a friend from my past when many of us were  
"Our Gang Pottery" days also with... Ryan Gourley   and Jorg Dubin,  Artist, Designer, and Creative Consultant
more fun art 

 Kent Ezzell, Artist of Carved Doors and Sand-Blasted Glass Doors & Furniture. 

The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit organization that works to protect and preserve 
the world’s oceans, waves and beaches. It’s campaigning is largely focused on water quality, beach access and preservation, as well as sustaining marine and coastal ecosystems.

The finest lodging in the Arizona Outback, The Westward Motel

Island Resort your next vacation Fiji :) 

Ceibal Farm Belize with Kim and Craig Ringland

Pacific Crest Trail  

National Parks Conservation Assoc. 


 NPR Podcasts directory    Link to radio stations all over the world-fun!!

 Antioch Old time Radio,  Fun Talk radio,

 KRFY Public Radio, Panhandle Community Radio,

Spokane Public Radio     Free Happiness,   PBS/KSPS

Fun READING INFORMATION, knowledge..........

For when you can not find things local or for a price you can afford to eat healthily and not support processed foods,  Full Circle. Fresh. Local. Organic foods, Delivered. AZURE Standard of Healthy Living. Some Organics and much more at Brandless

Dr. Weil,   Organic Consumers Association,

Saving Mums Time From the moment you fall pregnant until you're waving the kids off for their first day of school, Mum’s Grapevine 
is with you every step of the way. 

The Rolling Stone

Harvard Gazette

ITN, imaging technology News Plan ahead for disaster.

The Royal Horticultural Society 2019

Helping the ecosystem, fun information, Fungi Perfecti's

Also so Fantastic Fungi has fun films

Eric Keller photo adventures about the world with fun tales. "a Facebook link"

The online community for intelligent Optimists Daily

 NASA       Oregonlive      Boise Weekly          Care2 take action                   List of Top websites 


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I first created this site because I wanted to learn Dreamweaver, then I felt a need to help wonderful people who are mostly in business from word of mouth advertising. Sandpoint cycles good economic times and in the past hard times, I wanted to expand the local network to help these “good people” many of whom did not advertise themselves, back in 2004 I posted images of their business card.

Soon after the site went live for its first time, we had a client who had experienced a great loss from a fly-by-night remodel. Known in the past by the common new Bonner County resident that has a “truck and a dog” calling themselves a contractor, stories you may hear.  She asked me “how can we find people we can trust?” I was proud to say I have a website full of those “good people” who have helped us or our family, village friends and we have used their services.

May this site be helpful, this has been my community service, Gini Bowers 2004-to now. Please email me if you have an unpleasant experience with any of these referred contacts or if you find links that no longer work or just cause. If the link has asked for your contacts I try not to support those sites. If you want a realtor or more things to do information go to Sandpoint Online they will be very helpful. Thank you, for reading this-enjoy your visit-and may peace and good health be yours, gini

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