Share your story of pharmaceuticals, sharing experiences-knowledge & alternatives. I understand that pharmaceuticals are important in some cases. But there are alternatives that worked fine before the Corporate market began. My concern is supporting the abusive uses and how our society is addicted to many. How our Doctors fail to want to cure but just mask symptoms not looking further to cure the problems. Knowledge of Nutrition can heal many and they fail often to even look. I understand this is just my opinion.

I thought this topic was good. Sharing our experiences and knowledge may help someone. What works for one may not work for another, I do the best I can..

Antidepressants do not ease the longing for the deceased that grievers feel. So in most cases, treating grieving people for depression is ineffective.

6/22/19 This is an amazing story on how your body will try to talk to you. Luckily this body belonged to someone who always tries to listen. This person I will call M for the story. So M has had a food allergy test before but had another recently that came up with very different results, we concluded the Lab that test matters. M was also having major mouth issues gums bleeding swelling M was even scheduled for major Oral Surgery as they did not understand what was going on. M received a food test back and one of many kinds of Cinnamon was second on the list. I learned at this moment that there are many kinds of Cinnamon depending on the country it comes from. Well M soon saw that M’s favorite new toothpaste was Cinnamon and yup you guessed it it was the same cinnamon on M’s list. When M saw the Oral surgeon next he said this is not the same mouth, what happened and surgery was canceled. You just never know how your body will react to what you put in it is the moral of this story.

6/19, When my Grandson Jordon was 3 his Dad would stress very important to not feed Jordon Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Burger King no fast foods.  Back then I did not understand but soon I studied and learned that his Dad had given me an eye-opening gift and then it began. My oldest daughter when listening to Ted and I talk about how Potatoes and vegetables just do not taste as good as they use to. She says “try an organic potato and see what you think.” We did and never went back to non-organic I felt saddened that we now had to shop Organic to get what we use to get before Organic was a thing. Not one of my favorite changes I have lived through.

I have luckily created a habit over the last several years of a morning hot shower with stretching and expressing gratitude for my life and for the gifts from lost loved ones. I find this helps me mentally to avoid prescriptions. In Spring and Summer, my back really hurts mostly when I get out of bed in the morning. The showers hot water and stretching with deep breathing the warm moist air gets things moving from that oh so stiff feeling. CBD or other creams help maybe. But I have a wonderful ice pack that I can fasten and wear around in the morning as I have my morning foods and drinks, getting ready for the day. After the ice pack, I am all better, it took a lot more than just swallowing a pill but I am glad I do it. This is what feels good to me and starts my days. When I came to the realization that my body discomforts can be lessened by diet, I found that SUGAR is so evil

Amazing the human body, enjoy this knowledge video this is really long and educational. Not all our Doctors know everything, I never had one tell me of Candida it is a huge health problem contributor. This candida link is very brief, sugar does this to us. Do you know about the health of our Glands research it sometime? Gut health?   good articles.  This link will take you to the page on this website that lists many helpful things and ways I have learned in the past.

How To Use Licorice Root For Adrenal Fatigue

Have you ever found relief of lower backache by placing a pillow between your knees if you sleep on your side at night? I have most often in Spring when doing extra work in the yard.


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