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Local Food,  healthy organic, you pick-farms, markets, restaurants, wild Salmon Co-op..

Sandpoint, Id links to services of good people,  Architects, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Building Contractors, Paint Store, Bike Shop, CPA, Jeweler, Computer, Camera repair and much more.

Handmade Gifts, web links to gifts, custom made slippers, crafts, local artist, art, wood spoon care instructions.

Personal Care,  Music, Body, Spirit, Mind, Pets, dog, horse care and my cleaning products

Other fun Links  A web page for out of town links. To fun places, we have been or family and good people we have enjoyed, and informative reading links.

Local Info. Links:  Sandpoint, Id links to keep you informed about our Community, recycle links, government.

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Consider others; Sandpoint FoodBank
Entertainment Events
 Bonner Bikes

FineArt America within Kirk Miller’s collection of work, enjoy captured light dancing on the water, in the sky, and on the horizon. Just a sample of some fun links to enjoy. Bookmark this page to reference these links to Sandpoint, Id. business web services and more. Gini’s “clean air” homes and offices cleaning with harmless products. Email me, if I may clean your office, email me at

Sandpoint, Id. business services, users…Your input over the past years has meant so much, thank you for showing interest by sending your past emails and comments supporting these personal recommendations. Please use the Blog page to write your comments, write your review and even more, LIKE “US” on Facebook? Welcome, November the time to finish winter preparations an make plans for our Day of Thanks hopefully made extra special than each day by dinner with many around us. Thank you, October, you let many September transitions resonate. November 12, 2018, have a marvelous Monday, take responsibility and make it happen…  I wish for you a day of thoughtful choices, for yourself and those around you.  So if nothing else focus to drink water,  relieves those body aches and so much more.  Think of what you are grateful for and breath deep into your emotions of past, embrace, learn, speak them out-loud -then let go.  Perceive and  Speak with kindness. REPLY.

Try replacing should with could and the word busy with been productive each time you speak today, see how it feels, lower your expectations and hurt shall be less in your life, allowing time for more gratitude, less self-suffering, my experiences.  When you prefer something it is more forgiving then expecting, better words, better attitude, better life and FREE .The  Karpman Triangle good basic relationship knowledge.


Sandpoint, Id. business website services, the three links below are of our children, proud to say that they are


Jenna Bowers, she is full of goodness, a great Life Coach

Dustin Chapin

Darian & Matt Kinney  Your source for Fine Jewelry, Sunshine Goldmine, est 1979, Sandpoint, Idaho. We are a family business offering custom designs, by our in-house Jeweler, Matt Kinney. We do repairs and invite you to view our full showroom featuring our jewelry. The value of a fine diamond is indeed significant, but the value of your continued trust and friendship is Priceless. Darian and Matt Kinney


 I continue to have rooms to rent in my home also, may be better then a hotel if you like animals, best to email me at ginibowers@gmail.commy facebook, or google site You never know what someone will hear from you what words you spoke that they will keep for their lifetime. Have some giggles today, think before you speak. Lower your expectations, find those who do not think or do as you think-amusing-appreciate them as an individual, unique, keeping life easy-my honey. Seek kind words to share, peace n love, just cuz.

We highly recommend the trusted services above. Sandpoint, Id. business website services, referred services of good people supporting our community. This website has been live since 2004, Read the story of how and why this site was started. If you have a link on this website please edit and make sure it works anytime you like-your help is welcomed.

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