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GRIEF, sharing, advising

September 2018, I received this writing when my husband past away and for some reason, I kept it from all the other cards and paced in my inbox on my desk. I recently emptied that box and found this my thoughts were I must of put it there to read again sometime. Well,...

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“Life” short stories

We all enjoy short stories. Feel free to share yours, whether funny, knowledgeable, those once in a lifetime learning experience, or what you want. It is your life. Each time you submit a comment your helping the locals on this website to be found. #Sandpoint, #blog,...

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This blog space has been created for Google search engine requirements and our community to build a collection of reviews on the services provided, please write your review or recommend a great service. Look below for “Make a comment, review local services, product.” In year two now and very few comments if any. Other Topics were written in hopes to attract page visitors and the stats say they look but do not speak-humans-so funny!!

Past Topics

To see Ted Bowers writing for the Sandpoint Reader June 05, 2015

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Following is a story of how this site became

I first created this site because I wanted to learn Dreamweaver, then I felt a need to help wonderful people who are mostly in business from word of mouth advertising at the time. Sandpoint cycles hard times and in the past hard times I wanted to expand the local network to help these “good people” many of whom did not advertise themselves or have interest in the internet, so I used photos of business cards. This was 2004 remember. Now it seems today people say they enjoy the no ads, sign in and pop-ups, just contact information. Easy to use for those who do not mind seeing other services information while looking for the one they want.

Soon after the site went live for it’s the first time, we had a client who had experienced a great loss from a fly-by-night “local term” remodeler. Known in the past by Bonner County resident as a “truck and a dog” calling themselves a contractor, stories you hear, or can now write on this site’s blog :)-hint.   She asked me “how can we find people we can trust?” I was proud to say I have a website full of those “good people” who have helped us, or our family, village friends or we have used their services with good results.

Please join me in helping these good peoples phone ring offering them work. I hope you find this site to be helpful for you, that is my intention, this has been my community service, 2004-to now. Please email me if you have an unpleasant experience with any of these referred contacts or if you find links that no longer work or just cause. I try to share links without pop-up ads or sign in, but things do change. If you want a realtor, or more things to do information go to Local Info Links  Sandpoint Online or will be very helpful. Thank you for your time and interest in reading this-enjoy your visit-and may peace and good health be yours, gini

February 2, 2016, Due to the loss of my best man ever  Ted Bowers, Bowers Constructions support to this website ended. Thanks to someone’s suggestion donations are now being accepted to support this sites continued existence in supporting by advertising in a co-op form of ” good people ” a part of our community. Any contribution would be appreciated cash or trade “annually would be nice”, I enjoy spending time on this site, I strive for keeping it on the first page of search engines.  2017-2018 it has been tough to get back in Google as I let it go in 2016 and they decided they do not care for sites with many links. So we have a Facebook page that helps.   Your support may be mailed to 458 Garden Lane, Sandpoint Id 83864, Ad will run in Sandpoint Magazine, as I believe this issue goes to newcomers in Chamber Welcome pkg. Summer 2018, Winter-Summer 2019 is all I can personally afford. I would like to Run ads in the Reader if funds become available, with much gratitude, gini

Thank you so much to those who have contributed
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