offers Sandpoint Services information on… locally trusted professionals. This site was established in 2004. Please write a review of the service you received in the comments below.

It seems what I thought in 2004 would have been a good idea. Well, as to what can happen, not so many have agreed with my thinking. So only a few have been written, such a wonderful way to share your experiences, knowledge is FUN, I thought. I shall not give up on those who choose to communicate, said smiling.

 Use the home page site index to find what you are looking for, enjoy the journey may have to view others. But no AD’s popping up.

Is there someone you would like to recommend to be added to Sandpoint Magazine has a shopsandpoint ad in the Winter and Summer magazine issues.  Daily posts of “happenings or events” with recommendations on Shopsandpoint FaceBook Page.

 I so enjoy Good News. Please write your personal experiences with local services you want to share. With each blog post, you are helping those on this website to have a better web search position. Maybe making their phone ring, always my wish. 2016 Google required interaction to place you higher in the search engines, that is why the blog. Affirmations are always appreciated.

 Following is a story of how this site became;
 I first created this site because I wanted to learn about Dreamweaver. Early in the 2000’s to promote our Company Bowers Construction. Then I felt a need to help responsible people who are primarily in business through word-of-mouth advertising. So I posted an image of their business card. That learning process was fun. Sandpoint cycles hard times back then and in the past hard times I wanted to expand the local network to help these “good people” many of whom did not advertise themselves since I was already doing it for Bowers Construction, why not include more? We all wanted the phone to ring, agin back then, now it comes in a email, text, facetime, zoom and so many other ways-I think it is a sign we out to be communicating. Kinda like a tribe or village ways, also like some of the ways they died and the ceremonies.

Soon after the site went live for its first time, “Bowers Construction” had a client who had experienced a great loss from a fly-by-night remodel contractor. Known in the past by the common new Bonner County resident with a “truck and a dog” calling themselves a contractor, stories you may hear.  She asked me “How can we find people we can trust?” I was proud to say I have a website full of those “good people” who have helped us or our family, and village friends and we have used their services. Today I am Grateful and still enjoy the family at Keokee for publishing the ad for this site in each and every beautiful Sandpoint Magazine, what a ride.

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