Share in the comments what is your favorite Podcast. Have you ever listened to a Podcast? Why do you enjoy listening to Podcasts? Do you listen on a headset while doing this?. How and where do you listen to your Podcast? Just a few thoughts you could choose to share in the comments. One of Ted’s favorites Hidden Brain

Brene Brown podcasts-trust


Krishna Das – Pilgrim Heart – Ep. 92 – The Sky of Consciousness

Philosophize This!


Below are links to some I have enjoyed and a list of past recommendations. I listen to them on an IPAD when I go to bed at night after reading till I fall asleep.

Stuff you should know, 11/2019 my current fun one

broadcasting from my hometown, hometown
always feels good to say, why is that? Happiness-podcasts, listened to most of 20118-19 go back often still easy for me to fall asleep to.

My Perspectives Four Agreements

Past recommendations; I have not listened to most of these they just came in by comments;

80s Cartoon Podcast kids and adults

Witchcraft intro

Fresh air,
the moth,
dear sugars,
modern love,
the racist sandwich
this American life,
Hello from the Magic Tavern,
The Mom Hour
The Dollop, is stuff you missed in History class
Taylor Strecker Show









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