Mind thoughts; I wish for you, thoughts from your heart today

Amazing when you look back on your life and think about all you thought you knew then add new knowledge of how your mind “ego” had its part.

I was sitting disappointed from communications with a dear dear loved one. This came to mind. Do you ever find someone’s listening is tainted by who they think you are? Drawing on their experiences from their past. It is hard to communicate when they cannot hear you for who you are in the current moment when time together has gone by so long. People change and grudges keep you in the past-we all have choices important to remember. The Ego can really mess with an authentic self and desire for a peaceful life. Identify your ego thoughts (mostly Imagined thinking) from your heart thoughts (that real feeling) then choose. Less Ego more peace in allowing your heart to guide you. Find a balance for yourself of the two, that feels most comfortable.

Have you realized yet that the stories your mind makes up when you are facing an unknown? Often causing you suffering, anger, and fear that was not even necessary other than to exhaust you and cause bad feelings-why do we do this?

When your life or world around you collapses, dies, goes away and you are left there unknowingly in the middle of a Sea or naked in a desert seeking anything familiar like a shirt or a shoe to help you get back to where? Only time will tell. Been learning the power time holds, and what I want to grab hold of with these years of knowledge and experiences. I am not so willing to grab at just anything.

We tend to grasp and identify rather than to observe, witness and understand things as they are. When you are just admitting that there is this feeling of confusion, that there is this greed or anger, then there is an honest reflection on the way it is and you have taken out all the underlying assumptions – or at least undermined them. words are taken from here…http://www.buddhanet.net/4noble5.htm

I drove to Couer d’Alene the other day and was seeing the variety of Cars as a representation of the people in our society. Since I drive a gas saver I always wonder why and how the big v-8 people do it as an everyday commute rig, I found it interesting but I will stop here.

My thoughts were wondering why in school we do not analyze ourselves from the information of the dispositions of our Parents and Grandparents. Thinking this might give us a good start in understanding our “self”. I know when I shop for my Ponies I look hard at what the Dam (Mother) and Grand dam were like. Today I thought back to once I read that our welfare was breeding a society that would take over our County-what a thought. So I found this and thought it was interesting…https://www.sciencedaily.com/releas…/2019/…/190517081636.htm I am always amused by the number of Studies that are done.

You know “What gets my goat” Besides that is an odd saying. Is when people in a relationship or friendship, even acquaintances act on an assumption of another person or you without communication. That they can be so sure in their own head about you without a word and take a negative action I think is what I am thinking. Not like a Surprise Party. If more people could get out of their own heads and talk I believe the world would be a better place-just my opinion.

When you are angry, most likely you feel someone was to blame for making you feel angry. REALLY?! no one can make you do anything you choose not to, simple. The hard part at times is to accept the responsibility that it was your choice to be Angry. If it was your choice then why? Does it feel good? What is it that you want from it over time? If in a relationship fight, stop, think how will this look tomorrow will we look back? do we really need this fight? Why are you? let go of suffering emotions like jealousy, lower your expectations, be grateful for what you have, and be forgiving, not everyone is like you. Be careful it is not your head-talking ego that you are listening to feel bad, causing unhappiness and confusion. Try listening to your heart over your ego for more peace-I have found. If it feels good in your heart then do it, peace be with you.

Self-love is needed to share love, so when is self-love not your Ego and your ego, not self-love? I will “Ask a Witch” 

let’s assume the Ego is the core to most mental discomforting thoughts such as jealousy, expectations, anger, hate, and more. I found this interesting video on Ego 

8-22 Currently while living with just myself I have seen and let go of much ego. Not sure why but when I was young and people smiled when there was nothing funny, I felt their smile could not be sincere. Well,l I now have found that sincerity for myself over the past months. Now I smile now when no one is around and it is just from my Heart, being grateful!!!