Today as family left town from a visit. I got to thinking about us as individuals and how opinions are used to like or dislike one another. Kinda like each human likes is a book and some you enjoy and others just do not interest you. Now writing this I am thinking I do not remember looking at a book and concluding I dislike it, as humans often choose to do. I read a book once wondering why I did not like it. Most the time I just put a book down and not open it again-imagine if we did that with fellow humans. I mean when do you ever stomp on  a book because you did not like it or treat it unkindly. Rejection is not easy, we are herd animals.
 I have often looked at things metaphorically in my lifetime. For instance my life as a pot of soup. I have learned over the years I like a Savory, sweet n spicy with a robust to it. Soups of new life. I have had Pots of Soup made with so much Love I could feed everyone around me-they are my favorite. I have had soups filled with Joy and Happiness, as I have learned in life I truly prefer these soups mentioned.

Sadly​,​ life has soups of rot, death, sadness, pain, confusion and FEAR these soups if beyond repair are best tossed out or poured down the drain knowing you are capable of starting a new pot of soup.

More recent years I have found myself using my pot of soup to assist me in deciding on my boundaries with self and new acquaintances as few as they have been. I read the other day a statement that said ” Unconditional Love” is something I forget the exact words but then saying with conditions or expectations something lessening the meaning as I see unconditional love. I then felt the person who said it had maybe no knowledge of boundaries and most likely had no use for healthy boundaries. I find myself that healthy boundaries are part of living in unconditional love but you must be a person with respect. Now the year 2020 will be a time that showed us how much of our population we live in has no respect, just my view.

Example: a new acquaintance actually coming 10 months now with only a dozen encounters as they seem to be. I am beginning to realize the boundaries that are forming for this pot or I may be having to sadly toss this Soup. It is never easy for me to give up on a pot I already have started, I really ought to get better at tossing them out. It is such a new soup and I want to stay open to allow possibilities for it to at least become more Savory. Maybe the pot was started just to gain experience in tossing.  I do not do communications that give me the feeling of riding a roller coaster. I have no desire to live the rest of my life with poor communication as a part of it. My unwavering auditing of self comes from my personal experience in studying, applying and exercising self awareness to speak so others might be able to understand. I am not saying it is correct thinking “but if I can so can you” is how I feel. 1.18.21