Some time back I found myself living with just myself and did not want to say “I live alone”. That’s why I live with me, myself and I and we party. I am not saying we do not run through our emotions as a river flows over the rocks, smoothing them. I have had some really big rocks I had to rise up over, still do, in this life.

Lets Talk

Let me introduce you; Me is me finding a balance between myself and I. They say I was a lost self (the first time around 1995-96ish). I, I feel is  an  Ego and me, myself being my heart n soul. I feel Ego is full of life teachings/influences  that I no longer want, so 2019 to present working on I and as I do the others, myself and me grow.

Example; Sometimes when say Me and myself decide it would be good to take a walk, I gets dragged along. I seems to always be glad me and myself were the strong ones and is grateful we all went together. I want us to all be in balance with each other.  A fun link to help keep life simple

Another example intuitive self says “best go see the pony id ok,” then me always wishing to let go of fears say’s “he is Ok, don’t bother” Then me says I really ought to listen to myself, then I says lets just do it, out voted me has to go along, said smiling.

It is a choice as to how you see….Four Agreements