Sandpoint Id. Information

This is a collection of links I find important to look into on occasion or just have handy;

Bonner County History, The Museum is a membership organization, open to all. We operate thanks to community support, membership fees, gifts, retail sales and donations and grants from private foundations.

 Local Weather


Panhandle Health District a world of information at your fingertips.

City of Sandpoint Council meeting minutes  No need for second-hand news. City of Sandpoint website with many links.

Bonner County Government  Stay informed Bonner County Government website.

Weed control, organic farming and more at

Recycle Links

Sandpoint Pacific Steel & recyclingSandpoint free classified ads,

“Craig’s List” Link to free stuffSandpoint yard sale /Facebook, “Sandpoint’s internet yard sale,

Save our landfill, join freecycle today: Freelywheely, Trashnothing

Bonner Community Food Center bring us your garden surplus to share with those in need.

Know about Sandpoint

Sandpoint Magazine

Sandpoint Online


Getting involved with our Community

HospiceHealing Garden 

Lake Ponderay Waterkeepers

Angels over Sandpoint

Some favorites of mine to read, hope you enjoy, Gini
Sandpoint Reader, Co-op news,,  Bonner County Fairgrounds events, Shopsandpoint Facebook page is updated with a variety of interesting things to read or know about. Use this senior yoga/beginners, Maryann Love Slight detour Blog, Pantry Beauty recipes, Thrive Market,  Kill Candida overgrowth with these herbs. City of Sandpoint Recreation Center. ,Sandpoint High Cedar Post, Spokesman-Review /Idaho, Federal Trade Commission   Never hurts to read what they are doing, Friends of the Earth, Townsend Letter, we present scientific information on a wide variety of alternative medicine topics PBS, KXLYNew York TimesWFLscienceMother Earth NewsFarmers Almanac, High Country News.

City, County, State, and Federal Links:

Keep informed about surrounding communities, Sandpoint Id. Information: Sagle and Hope Idaho via  Dover IdahoKootenai Idaho, Ponderay IdahoBonners Ferry Idaho.

 State of Idaho Elected officials

Federal Trade Commission

new link for “Stay informed ” 

Know what our government is doing

Fun Information

Sandpoint online Camping List.

The Friends of the Pend d’Oreille Bay Trail are committed to creating a sinuous and natural waterfront trail.

Interesting site, click here to see…

 Holistic Living and Health Podcasts

Local Birds in your feeder

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