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Living in Sandpoint, best things can happen…

So many wonderful things and adventures are possible. Most of us know and converse with our Neighbors as there is a true need especially if you live on acerage and they are the closet help. Borrow a egg or a cube of butter, take them a casserole, life is just that much better here for that. Fill free to share your story of love and kindness.

True friends.

Living in Sandpoint preparing for Winter 2017 on your own can show you who really cares when they show up with a splitting machine to help you. Friends that take action to show their love is a beautiful heartwarming experience and makes preparing for winter all the better. This is an example that makes living in the four seasons of Sandpoint special.

There are other things about living here. Like Smoke from fires, Meat Bees, and ground bees, they may be the same but nasty. The mosquitos well they can come and go like the weather. Last week they were no fun and kept me from my garden some. Friday an overnight thunderstorm with lightning, and downpours made them go away. 2023 I do not understand the need to race each other when there is a road with one lane merging into the other, but I observe it often.

February 3, 2024 The darkness of Winter is the only thing I would rather not have to do. Always making the best of it kinda time. Strange Winter and we never have the same Winters. BUT this one?!?! So no snow to speak of in November and December many grey days. Mid January snowed then Arctic freeze for 10 days or more and stayed in minus degrees long. Then all wet to Fog days and days of no blue sky. Today another day of a steady heavy drizzle or light rain. Last blue ski was toward the end of the Arctic blast, glad I got out under the Sun when I could.



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