Gini and Jim Hoss of Hope

Brief back story, in my life I found several Family replacements for the Family I wanted but did not really have. This was one of the hardest times in my life, rebuilding my life from a Sandpoint Homeless Shelter, 1997 fighting for my Children, learning to represent myself in court, it was Ugly and many do not understand why I insist on not feeling bad towards my Children’s Father. Simple I choose not to feel bad about the man who gave me such wonderful children, divorce is a sharing of misunderstandings, wrongs and things, most important my Children would not benefit from my speaking unkindly about their Father. Also so today I can be grateful for the events that led me to a wonderful future.

In 1998 I started a job as a receptionist at Life Care, I worked 12-hour weekend shifts and a couple of weeknights. It was perfect for that time in my life. Jim Hoss came every day and spent most of each day sitting with his wife who could not even speak from a stroke or more, but came and sat with her. I thought very highly of him for this. At times he would spend time at my receptionist counter telling me stories and getting a laugh or two from me. This went on for a couple of years or so till Dora his wife past away. I do not remember the details but I began my cleaning career there in Jim’s beautiful home on a hill viewing our magically powerful wonderous lake. It was my time to nurture me with that view and his home. We met each Thursday and the first thing went to breakfast at the local cafe, he was so cute how much he enjoyed doing this.  He became my Friend maybe a Father/Grandfather figure I never had and very much needed. He was kind, funny, full of stories and helpful at Christmas time, he helped me with Christmas presents for my children and I worked off the cost cleaning for him. I looked forward to my Thursdays at a time that I was trying to find myself.

That was our time together till about 2000 when I met Ted and introduced him to Jim, Jim gave his blessings and his family home dynamics changed also and I was not needed for cleaning, that is when the photo above was taken by his family. By 2001 we had gone separate ways but stayed in touch, I also left Life Care to work alongside of the best man ever Ted Bowers building things from wood. Ted took the following photo in his home when Jim sadly showed up a day late for our wedding 2003. I went upstairs and put my wedding dress on just for this photo.  Jim was the first person I found the strength to go see when dyeing and I kiss his forehead when he lay unconscious and was preparing to ascend from this life a beginning of letting go of my fears of death. UA-3648303-4







Today I was thinking of how my daughter felt with negative emotions before she died. I just learned your Liver produces negative emotions when it is not well. I am currently experiencing how real this is.