For me, life here has had its ups and downs but it would most likely be the same no matter where I lived. The Small-town relations are very precious and each unique. No Freeways is wonderful. The Nature around us keeps one’s heart healed least for me. Going out for necessities and enjoying a conversation with someone you care about unexpectedly is a bonus and the hugs -O the hugs!!!.

Today I looked at my sweatshirts hanging on a post and gave thought to how much I really like wearing sweatshirts and Adding a down vest is perfect, with insulated fleece jeans-awesome. My Winter attire. But then this time of year Aug 1, it is warm and we have been shedding those layers for some months now. Stepping into those short summer dresses and the comfort your body feels to breathe in that nothing but cotton dress, is elevating, to say the least. Now the lake water is perfect for diving into and washing all those unwanted cares or worries away leaving me so in touch with gratitude. Equal to a frozen morning with mounds of snow. Listening to the silence that so brings you peace while you watch the snowflakes fall. For me, life here is a constant reminder of gratitude. Spring is so welcoming, Fall is the best!!. How about you?

About 3 years ago I learned that ┬áPO Winery sells 1/2 glasses of wine, so much better than leaving half a glass-I do not drink regularly. Recently on my 70th Birthday gathering, I learned that Echarts Pub serves 1/2 glass of tap beers. Glasses in the cute smaller version than the larger ones. I also go to Joel’s or DiLunas when in need of love. I always get hugs and love there.

2024 been a grey muddy Winter, I do not care for mud, all white is better.