I could write a very thick book on the topic, but I think I will just write about yesterday. I am 68 now and never imagined still being in the Saddle. Always learning makes it so so fun, an amazing. I went to a horse show this weekend, something we do once or twice a year. It is good to get out and challenge ourselves with what we learn in a grander atmosphere. My pony “Baby Girl” still gets childishly excited, with her head held high and then her tail straight up over her back, which embarrasses me. In time -this time it took her from Friday night to Sunday morning stalled there to settle in her new surroundings for this old fart to feel comfortable. I am sure a youngin riding her around she would have settled faster.

On Saturday my nerves were heightened by the ambulance coming twice for young girls. One of my challenges was to get through this horse show with calm feelings, I did better than ever. On Sunday I was in ahh to see the young lady on a stallion who went in an ambulance the day before back in the saddle awaiting her next class. Amazing the human body as her horse reared up and over backwards landing on top of her.

Later in the day Baby Girl and I received a 6th place ribbon in a class of 12, 10 were very nice horses behaving well, so to even placeing (being a pony) was a huge surprise and I am so proud of her/us. Never too old to find our Joy. Please feel free to share your stories and I will return here to continue…

8.22, When I throw my saddle on her back it gives me a feeling of being alive, grateful I can do it. As we ride and allow our body energies to connect and become one. Such a feeling to be one with her.