HONESTLY…¬†confessions of the challenges of making life changes-seeking Authentic Self, hopefully, a bit humorous, ramblings of identifying things/thoughts, personal opinions, or just thinking…

1-21-23 So we are all just characters in our own movie-wild ūüôā ¬†Maybe characters in this big movie and I choose my own character, now what would that be, hmmm

1-19-23 Have you ever gone into a bathroom that someone just came out of after they showered? Then sit down to Pee and things feel different. As you pull your pants up your thighs feel damp. Then it just makes you start to wonder…

8.24.22 Geeze, some blogger I am over a year since I wrote here. Here’s a good one. Soo I say to myself ” I do not hold on to my past, but I love my memories.” Then, I think hows that work, said smiling. Maybe it is I believe it is best to not live in my past, but I do enjoy my memories. WORDS!!!!, crazy how they work and do not work.

I found this to be spot on…

12-30-21 Honestly¬†letting go of what you have been told and have practiced all your life is not easy. I do not believe you can have them disappear. Just being aware of how and where they came from helps. Then you can at least feel good that you now have adjusted the boundaries and they no longer control your reactions, I am thinking…

10-18-21 Honestly…I must say in all the forms of self-help, and therapy tools that “Speaking out loud” your intentions, concerns, and hopes, to release those emotions from within you. Evan if you journal then read it out loud feel the release. Save your body from your mind’s dis-ease.

3.15.21 Honestly…when someone asks “How are you?” often the response is, I am fine, I have a hard time in the honesty of this.

Honestly...I don’t see myself as being very readable, often I do not understand a word, person, or concept and it is taken all kinds of different ways, their assumptions. I have exercised forgiveness to trade for humor in this area ūüôā

2.2.21 Honestly, When you believe in the here and now, you let go of what you knew of a person. To allow yourself to know the person in the now along with the practice of forgiveness, you’re supporting that person’s desire for change. Change is hard enough and even harder when people can not let go of their old opinion of you. First written 2-1-16

1.19.21 Honestly when someone says to me I am Crazy I have always taken it as a compliment that I was not like others. That leads me to think how when you’re codependent, or DDD, or whatever they have come out with to sell prescriptions. Many people have some of these symptoms so they can sell you something. Anyways that is what I am thinkin’. Those web reports say the site got hit with a couple of hundred the other day-which never happens and just 66 were India, some China then a Republic place, kinda creepy.

1-9-21¬†Honestly,¬†I have to say I am amused by the website traffic reports as of early this morning it says 2 from China have looked, which is pretty common but one day Ireland took a look. ( this report separates real visits and all visits with bots and stuff, supposedly ) Then the other day I googled shopsandpoint and now instead of one there are now 3-4 different web domain addresses saying they are Shopsandpoint links or services yatta yatta ¬†copying or using my site, the heading, and the content, I don’t get it. Thinking I will choose to see it as a compliment-whatcha think ūüôā

12-22-20¬†Thinking¬†It’s a bit late in the evening. The light bulb you see when a thought or idea hits you, well that is what brought me here. Wishful thinking; maybe some would think to do what you are thinking. VS Someone taking action on a thought that they think you are thinkin, Huh

11-20-20 Honestly this blogging, still a word I do not care for, has become an interesting adventure after what? 6 years. Crazy I would never thought I have done this, this long. ¬†I have what they call themselves web stats reports and it tells of site hits both mass and then more defined. Every 30 days and how many opened which page, which blog, and yet most often no one wants to leave a comment-I find that interesting.Honestly¬†sometimes I crack myself up like. My grandson and I moved some things around and he says it looks nice. Then I tell him about how broken the pole lamp is and that I have it tied to the wood short wall. He says “You want me to fix it?” I say “yes” then he heads back upstairs and leaves me there to realize that we were not fixing it like right now-a minor let down then I think, O yah the male brain and the female brain happening here.

Honestly¬†the Covid19 times, April 2020, I find myself interested, when I can stop vacuuming wherever and have no concerns. That the Vacuum can stay right there where I stopped it as no one but I will know-pretty wild isolation ūüôā

Honestly, I find it uncomfortable to be living among such hate. Even after I try to study and see why they have such different points of view, no honor or respect for others. I come to this bottom line: anyone carrying a semi-automatic gun in public and is not currently in the Military is just WRONG!! With this thought, I imagined the rifles have rapid fire. I have recently been told that they do not-hmmm.

Honestly, I find so much comfort for myself in my morning shower, years now I have used that time to quiet my mind and speak gratitude then stretch simply in just a child’s posse. While in posse I feel I am not going to shrink like many (LOL) while I feel my spine stretch and regain my height.

Honestly January 2020, I do not remember thinking about what I wanted to do in 2020 or that I would even be here-LIFE!!!

Honestly This is an interesting statement that was in my morning reading. “Anticipate how you will self-sabotage in the future, and come up with a solution to defeat your future self.” Forbes time management- this one was new to me. How about you?

Honestly, I was just thinking how on a “social media page” someone posts something that would not be considered a “current event” or outdated if you feel this is wrong as some do. Possibly think of it as happy for that person who posted it as it may just now resonated for them, hopefully, and motivated them to share because they really saw it, felt it or read it. Knowledge is good, no matter what the date.

Honestly, I have pretty much confirmed while living with just myself, that someone telling me what to do can cause a physical trigger in me at times. I feel this kinda wall of resistance and thoughts like who are you to tell me? Pretty arrogant I think. But it is there. In thought, my husband never really told me what to do, if I asked he would say how he might do it. Other times he would ask what I am thinking would work-so kindly. One of the things I have tried to keep of him.
For this, I have been letting go of what I think you ought to do unless you ask. The longer I have worked at this practice the more it shows me the¬†resisting wall,‚Äč I feel even clearer. So I say ” Hi old reaction. I do not want to do it this way anymore, thank you” and send it away. Because I think of these ways I choose not to use any more hideouts inside me when I send them away. I enjoy ways of moving energy, acupuncture, chakra cleansing, and ceremonial Moon fire, with the intention I feel better, always lighter.

I had a thought today; 2019 how wondrous a meeting of minds must be if achieved. With so many obstacles like individual perceptions, assumptions, interpretations, life influences in our selective hearing, my gosh it is hard to believe it can sincerely happen.

Honestly, in 2019 the selfies on dating sites are pretty entertaining. I personally have a hard time taking them so it is amusing to see other choices of themselves.

Honestly, in 2018 Have you identified in yourself how you are truly capable of hearing what you want to hear?  Not what the person speaking meant to be heard? It is amazing how it happens so easily to go unnoticed. Life in our human bodies definitively can not all be learned in one lifetime unless you were as dedicated as a Monk, you think?

Honestly¬†2018 is funny or not. As I drive north out of town passing the Commerce I feel this urge of emotions of getting ready to be angry at whoever chooses to change lanes to be in front of me. I know as we go under the train bridge and into the curve to the right over Sand Creek I just know that they will slow down on the curve. ¬†I then allow myself these emotions of anger that they would do this so often. “WHY MUST THEY PULL IN FRONT OF ME ANd SLOW DOWN BELOW 35, WHY!!!! ” Well in my own self analyzation, I have decided that since in my years here I have come to believe life has its balances. Since I have so little anger in my life these days this must be my need to express my anger without harming others. It may also be my old habit of “why Me” needs. “LIFE”.
Honestly, I do not understand how people can be comfortable with their choice to; wear sweatpants in public, cut in ahead of others in a line, be dishonest, not do as they agreed to do, disrespect their fellow humans, hang those smelly tree things from their mirror polluting their cars indoor air instead of just cleaning, waste their power as a consumer choosing to support unhealthy processed foods, speak and act unkindly to their fellow human, I do know that they are just not me, but themselves-your thoughts?
Honestly, in Winter 2017 the way our society chooses to process someone who has died is not enough and sadly seems to set many up for denial of the event. I would like to see more involvement. Once I observed some daughters when their Mother died at home. They did not call right away for her body to be picked up but instead gathered together around their Mother rubbing her down with oils and prayers for her ascension to her next journey. To me, this was beautiful and aided both in their future process. Another time I experienced family loss where the family gathered together for days comforting each other with stories, food, drink, touch, music, crying, and laughter even this went on for days and nights. I am glad to see Celebrations of Life being done more often. Just seems appropriate to celebrate the life of the loved one that has moved on, sharing with each other the gifts each will hold now in their hearts. Every person is in our life for a reason I do believe.