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Hand made gifts


Sandpoint local Artist-Craftsman, you will find links to handmade gifts, Wood UTENSIL CARE on this page.
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Handmade Gifts

Sandpoint local Artist and Craftsman;

Sunshine Goldmine, We are a family business offering custom designs, repairs, and a full showroom featuring our jewelry. Serving Sandpoint since 1979, look for us on First avenue-come see what we can do for you, Matt & Darian Kinney. Sunshine FB Page.

Sunshine Goldmine, Sandpoint, id


Sheepskin Slippers, are a wonderful gift! We no longer operate the Snow River Sheepskin store in Sandpoint, but Carol Coats still makes the best slippers in the world for over 30 years.


Whiskey Jack Pottery Facebook page, Join us at Whiskey Jack Pottery studio’s new location at 223 Cedar St. Sandpoint. Nicole Black, Henna art, Macrame, Pottery classes.

devon chapmanVibrant images from life in oil and pastel, a gallery on the website.

Janene Grende, has painted for over 30 years. She paints in gouache (rhymes with wash). Gouache is a medium of watercolor-type pigments that are opaque. She also uses silk dyes on silk to create some very vivid paintings of horses, equestrians, cowgirls, and wildlife.

FineArtTileStudio creates decorative custom tiles for each challenge with enthusiasm.

Fine Art America  Kirk Miller’s work, you will find the light dancing on the water, in the sky, and on the horizon. Go to the website for a gallery of gifts.

Misty Mountain Furniture offers Rustic Furniture, Log Furniture, Barn wood furniture, and Hickory furniture for all occasions. Custom Handcrafted Furniture along with other local artists’ creations.

Panhandle Art Glass,

Stephen Schultz‘s or Facebook page Chosen artist for the 2008 Sandpoint Music Festival poster, personal and artistic roots stretch well beyond the contemporary era.

Steve Gevurtz, ” With each of my sculptures, I try to capture a subtle understanding and truth about my subject.

Pend Oreille Art Council,


Sandpoint local Artist-Craftsman; Please use the Blog on this website to suggest another Artist/Craftsman you feel could be here. You also may leave a review for others, just use this link……Sandpoint Blog

UTENSIL CARE, from Ted Bowers

Congratulations believing you now own a custom hand-made kitchen utensil from our shop. Follow these few tips and handled it with care, it should give years of satisfactory service.

First, and most importantly, never put it in the dishwasher. This will dry and crack it. Instead, wash it with soap and water and let it dry. Do not leave in water. It has been “pretreated” by getting it wet and allowing the grain to raise and then sanding it smooth. This helps prevent the rough feeling wooden utensils get when wet. We sand it smooth and then polish it to give it the sheen you see and feel when it’s new. It has been treated with Daly’s Kitchen Wood Treatment, a non-toxic product to protect the wood. You can use regular cooking oil to keep it protected when it starts to look and feel dry. We prefer olive oil ourselves. That’s about it for care. It was made with love and hope, you will cook and serve your food with it lovingly. Enjoy

Peace, Ted, and Gini

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