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BUY LOCAL….Healthy organic food, markets, restaurants and farms, u-pick, Cafe, markets, Restaurants in Sandpoint, The Local Harvest and an FB page Local Food Sandpoint, brings the products of family farmers home to you. October Harvest Fest. Every Saturday and Wednesday in the Summer pick up fresh locally grown produce for your dinner. Plant your garden with all the wonderful plant starts from the market. Sandpoint Farmers MarketShingle Mill Blueberry Farm,  TAUBER ANGUS FARMS, Riley Creek Blueberry Farm 

For when you can not find things local or for a price you can afford to eat healthily and not support processed foods,  Full Circle. Fresh. Local. Organic foods, Delivered. AZURE Standard of Healthy Living. Some Organics and much more at Brandless

gini’s list” all-time dining favorites of mine Di Luna’s Café is one of the finest restaurants in Sandpoint, offering a blend of regional cuisines from around the world featuring fresh and locally produced ingredients. Located in one of the most beautiful towns in the Northwest.         Italian restaurants,  Arlos  Ristorante, Ivano’s.

BEST FAST FOOD in town Winterridge Natural Foods Mkt, 1554443_699148170116332_421071694_n Idaho’s largest natural foods market, providing finest quality fresh, natural, organic and whole food, deli selections, supplements.

Mr Sub

Fun casual dining, with music Echarts Pub n Grill Facebook page, only shuffleboard in town.” with your own pepper mill for each table” Behind  Echarts food to go from “Secret Thai“, across the street “sorta”, try Idaho Pour Authority, wonderful people.

To grab a quick bite Joel’sSecond Ave Pizza, JalapeñosServ-a-burger, Dubs, Oak St Food Court. Really hungry then go to the Hoot Owl in Ponderay, Id. you will be so full that you did 🙂

Evans Brother Coffee, comfortable place to hang with your laptop and enjoy a great cup of coffee.

Food trucks in Sandpoint





Chris White, fishing for 40 years, has flash-frozen, glazed, vacuum-packed, boneless and ready to cook:

               √- Wild sockeye fillets and portions  FACT: Flash-frozen fish is as excellent as one-day fresh fish—and will last all year!

Thank you for your patience!  It is a long way from the pristine Bristol Bay waters to our village.


Wild salmon is my passion because of its taste and health benefits.  My intention is to help educate and make this amazing food available to more people at the lowest possible prices.  The salmon comes from the only all-refrigerated, all-bled fleet in Bristol Bay and captained by fishermen who share the vision of the highest attainable quality.  There are five species of wild salmon that return to Alaska from the cold North Pacific Ocean each year.  Along with King (Chinook) salmon, Sockeye (Red) are the best-tasting salmon.  It is the true Prince.    

2017 NEWS

˚ Thanks to the extraordinary cooperative efforts of Alaskan F&G

management and fishermen in maintaining a fully sustainable fishery, 2017, with over 56 million fish returning, was the 4th largest run on record.

For clarity, my son Taran, and Kara, own Thunder’s Catch here in Sandpoint.  We all fish in Bristol Bay.  They specialize in smoked fish, jerky, salmon burgers, dog treats, and an excellent spread.  We operate in cooperation, not competition, with each other, thus Wild Salmon Co-op fillets and portions will always be at a lower price..

A new vac-pac process should improve the portion packaging.

*I will be away in October.  Simply grab salmon before then or wait for my return and contact me—we will set-up a convenient rendezvous.  I expect to have fish for you through winter.


√√–There is a 10/lb. minimum total order size.  Salmon fillets vary from 1–2/lbs; portions are 6–7oz, a common serving size. (save enough for mayo/tarragon lunch spread). 

 √√–I can’t honor small fillets requests.  Sorting them leaves an unbalance for the majority who want a mix of sizes.  What I can do is not give you any large fillets in the 2/lb range.

√√–There is no need to pre-order, EXCEPT for the Cd’A, Post Falls, and Spokane folks (see below).

PRICES: (sorry, cash or check only)

Salmon Lovers: 2018

Cost: Is $9.25/lb…10/lb minimum, please.  There is no volume discount for this sale.

Orders/delivery: I will start taking email orders now.  Relax, this is not a first-come-first-served (see below) process.  I will need the orders placed so I know what volume to expect.  Deliveries will start May 15.  Times and places will be nailed down in a future email—by May 14–when I see the orders.  This second email will also confirm that I have received your order.  I will be flexible and have two or three days of a central delivery place only for those who have placed orders.  If needed, I will deliver to you personally in Sandpoint.  I will come to Bonners Ferry and the Cd’A—Spokane corridor—times to be determined by May 14

Note: I hope to fulfill everyone’s needs, but if I do not have enough inventory I will scale back everyones order equally so that everyone gets some salmon—it just may not be your full amount requested.

2019 salmon deliveries begin in September. There will be plenty for everyone.


Thanks to all.




Let me know any questions you may have:

chriswht50@gmail.com or 208-265-5742 

Thanks to each of you for your interest in wild, sustainable seafood.