Communication our choices, Boy, what a topic BIG!!! My thoughts anyways. There is so much to it, speaking, honesty, tone, presentation, body language, appearance, and choice of words. Using words others relate to, holding someone’s attention. Listening, eye contact, receptive mind state, the knowledge that it is your perception. Interpretation of what you hear is influenced by your life experiences and ancestors. Communication can be honest, silence can be lies -it can happen.

Recently I have read about a kind of person who says hurtful things to make you feel bad. In turn, it tells them that you care about them, so so sad. No kindness.

These days I learned this “Ghosting” is when someone is unable to communicate. So they just do not reply. I understand it does take inner strength to reply and say your truth, people these days seem to have a difficult time to do, so sad.

I received a wonderful gift from a woman I admired, Betty. I was living in Southern California.  I worked with her during the Thanksgiving and New Year holidays in 1970, 71, 72. Betty was a district manager for a boutique Chain in Southern California called Judy’s. I was 17 and her being a district manager meant we went to all the different stores.  In an area of LA, La Jolly, Costa Mesa, Hollywood, and Santa Ana maybe I missed one.

While Betty was driving I rode alongside her listening. She taught me like a Teacher, my very own personal Teacher. I remember a few things that I heard from her at the time. They have been kinda a Life Commandment.
1. There is nothing you can do that can not be fixed.
2. If you make and sell a hundred buttons you will have $100.00 dollars making and selling is easy.
3. Betty said “It is important when I arrive for a meeting at the Store to first listen to all of their ideas” letting them know that they are heard, and recognized. Then say what they recommend, followed with “I might suggest”, or “I would like you to do this”. She said, “then they are more willing and want to work with you”. At least that was my interpretation of her words. Been grateful to Betty all my life for these things, wonderful woman. You have a Tale to Tell, just say it here, and I will hear :).

Another favorite topic is the power of words and learning to speak more kindly…