Sandpoint Id. community Blog,, TOPIC; Aging Gracefully-is here for you to communicate with others. If you feel you are an elder with experiences to share that may help others, I want to encourage you to do so.  Commenting on all topics, positive ways you have found to age gracefully. There just is not enough personal information available, simple things like “focus moment” to prevent injuries, for pain Blaze Welch encouraged me to do. So many of us go through life with valuable experiences we could have shared with others to learn from genuine information. If nothing else to know someone else has had the same thing happen. Medical experiences go unknown to often, please consider sharing your personal knowledge on Sandpoint Id. community Blog,, aging gracefully with others. Having another person to go with you to the Doctors or other to be another set of ears, listening is valuable and remembering is important. You remember as a child the buddy system, I do.

On this website,the personal care page you will find links and information I have found or used for myself. I am sharing with you. I found the following page to be full of information FB aging gracefully I know this will be helpful to all, wishing you peace and love always, gini

Statement from FB aging gracefully; is a journey about growing older and learning to look after my health and body, both mentally and physically. It’s about making changes to my everyday life. The choices in the foods I eat and drink. I believe it’s about lifestyle choices. Less stress in my daily life. I will be posting an article related for health on FB page. This page is about my Journey, feel free to come along for the ride. Thankyou


  1. Yes to aging gracefully! Be proud of your experience and wisdom.

    • Thank you, Jenna Bowers, I believe in your wisdom-you are very gifted and beautiful-all the people who seek your knowledge are so fortunate you offer yourself at your website

  2. Giving gratitude each morning in my hot steamy shower with stretching starts my days better, gini


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