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Shop Sandpoint services for local recommended businesses. Shopsandpoint.com is a co-op of “good people” providing services to Sandpoint Id and surrounding areas. Recommended for their long-standing service to the Sandpoint community. I like offering a site with no pop-up ads or required sign in. All website links are UNDERLINED  and in Bold.  Save this site in your favorites or bookmarks for future access.


This Domain is FOR SALE, with Shopsandpoint FB Page also sandpointcontractor.com with Bonner County Builders FB page


INDEX to Sandpoint Id. Referred Links

 Local Food offers healthy organic, markets, restaurants, you-pick farms.

Sandpoint, Id links to services of good people,  Architects, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Building Contractors, Paint Store, Bike Shop, CPA, Jeweler, Computer, Camera repair, Music, Tech Services, Entertainment and much more.

Handmade Gifts:  web links to gifts, custom made slippers, crafts, local artist, art, wood spoon care instructions.

Personal Care: Music, Body, Spirit, Mind, Pets, dog, horse care and my cleaning products.

Other fun Links  A web page for out of town links. To fun places, we have been or family and good people we have enjoyed, and informative reading links.

Local Info. Links:  Sandpoint, Id links to keep you informed about our Community, Recycle, and Government.

Sandpoint Blog: Created for better search engine results, there is a sign in, to comment. I still appreciate your emails. Please make recommendations of newer Services in the Service review Blog. Topics on “your favorite tool”, “life in Sandpoint”, “trains”,  “sharing grief”, “Health”, “Indoor air quality”, “your thoughts on Processed foods”, “before you build”, “favorite podcast’ “write your local Service review”, or comment on topics that interest you, lets talk

Entertainment Events Bonner Bikes  Consider others by giving to the Sandpoint FoodBank,

FineArt America within Kirk Miller’s collection of work, enjoy captured light dancing on the water, in the sky, and on the horizon. Just a sample of a fun link to enjoy. Bookmark this page to reference these links to Sandpoint, Id. business web services and more.