Sandpoint, Id. links to local services, personally referred…….

Sandpoint, Id. links to local services, personally referred to support our Sandpoint area community.

Sandpoint, Id links to contractors, county / city government, handmade gifts, music / entertainment, organic foods,
recycle links, services, u-pick farms and just good reading. 

Enjoy these pages of “Sandpoint people in business”   living here over 20 years (for many) each
building a list of satisfied customers… Gini’s-list -sincere referrals- 

no paid ads or memberships, just supporting our amazing community supported by Bowers Construction until Feb. 2, 2016 when we lost Ted Bowers. Seems I am now excepting donations and am grateful to those who have suggested this. I really enjoy providing links to “good people” Gini

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Referred Links; will lead you to a drop down list of Local Food, find healthy organic food, markets, restaurants and farms

 Sandpoint, Id links to services of good people, supporting our community.  In Architects, Electrical, Plumbing , HVAC, Building, Contractors,Paint & Bike Shop, CPA, Jeweler, Computer repair and much more.

Handmade Gifts, offers Crafts and local artist art and gin’s favorite Personal Care, offers Music, Body, Spirit, Mind, Pet care, dog, horse, uses for Miracle soap

Each page offering you  Sandpoint, Id links to good people in business, that we have shared time with and we give them all great review. Ted and Gini Bowers. ( my community service ) gini.

Other fun Links:  A place for out of town links to fun places we have been, family, good people we have enjoyed and more informative reading links.  Have a wonderful Wednesday-wishing you a belly laugh today.

Local Info. Links:  Sandpoint, Id links to keep you informed about our Community, recycle links

Read Me:  is gini’s choice of reading-sharing with you.

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                                                                   Consider others, Sandpoint Food Ban

                    The four links below are of our children, proud to say that they are “good people”

                                     Jenna Bowers

Dustin Chapin

Darian & Matt Kinney

Laura Chapin Weller


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We would like to recommend the trusted services above. October, twenty-six, Two thousand and sixteen. Sandpoint,Id. Referred services to good people supporting our community

This web site has been live since 2004. I always appreciate your input, thank you for your past emails and comments supporting these personal recommendations. 

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