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Jenna Bowers http://www.jennabowerscircle.com/about.html

Dustin Chapin http://www.clarkchapin.com

Darian & Matt Kinney http://sunshinegoldmine.com    Your source for Fine Jewelery , Sunshine Goldmine, est 1979, Sandpoint, Idaho. We are a family business offering custom designs, by our in house Jeweler, Matt Kinney. We do repairs and ivite you to veiw our full showroom featuring our jerelry. The value of a fine diamond is indeed significant, but the value of your continued trust and friendship is Priceless. Darian and Matt Kinney

13051502_1738059483139158_5604230362924875772_n Pictured is our landscape design ring with yellow gold mountains over a silver background featuring a Montana Sapphire.

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Studio rentals are full, I continue to have rooms to rent in my home, may be better then a hotel if you like animals 208-263-5447 leave a message on machine, best to email me at ginibowers@gmail.commy faceook

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 *Owner will carry the balance on contract Please call Dennis at (208) 255-1055. Say you saw it here.

Downtown Sandpoint at 113 N. First Average Lot Size: 30’ x 92’  
Across from Starbucks

Square Footage: 

Front Retail Space – 1200’

Rear Office space – 950’

Apartment with 2 BR, 2 Bath – 1200’

(Square footage measurements are approximate)

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